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I hover over these empty bottles.
I hesitate to throw anythign away
who knows when brown glass will be
useful in the furture, when I'll
next need a plastic cap in a matter
that's worth a life, worth a death,
worth a second sight more than a
misrable end in a pile of fetid sludge
and it's lack of concievable use extends,
cursing both throwee and thrower.
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I ask for too much but I do say please.
I hold your hand when I ask you to jump.
I shoot you up with morphine if I need to
slit you open. You make that face that's shut,
dragging me away from the lip of the edge of the
brink like I should thank you. So I thank you.
I ask for too much but I do say please.
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Today I witnessed a catastrophe;
melodious as it was discordant
symmetrical as it was unbalanced
enlightening as it was frightening
and in that moment I thought
that we all belong to a hurricane
twisting somewhere
leaving twisted
depositing entire trees on
cracked asphalt driveways
child eyes gape
God help them
it will never stop
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crazy talk
I'm struck by you as a spaceship by speeding particulates.
the seemingly small amount of force
small amount of matter
doesn't matter
cabin pressure is comprimised
abort mission
abort abort abort
oh please not now not like like this
Do you believe in a infinite universe?
somewhere I'm space walking with you
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You wrote me a letter?
I'll write you a tome.
I write for hours, days.
I bear the weight  
a fifty mile radius wince
cracking bones splintered ribs
iron blood rent liver
colour greying streets.
Suffer its heat
blood boils to vapour.
Water fills my lungs
air fills my heart
crushingly suffocatingly intoxicating
(i took fear to be an appropriate response)
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i used to be the girl scrabbling for purchase on a rockface smeared with-
but no, perhaps i was the embarassing whimper from the back of the room. you know, the girl that everyone turns to look at when they know they shouldn't 'cos her nose is running and she hasn't got a tissue and no one knows what the hell's wrong anyway
stop it, don't embarass her
or, nah, maybe the lilac stripe in the guest bedroom, the blue tiling in the downstairs bathroom, the pot plant in the hall way; drooping and forlorn, remembered only when its gasping cries for water, my chlorophyll for just a little muddy water become a little too cutting
or maybe i was just a whiny little sonofabitch, yeah?
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technologically romanced
when you're hors ligne blood to follicle misses
your wit and your banter; your electronic kisses. can't
take this apart and examine components. it is easy, yet
complex; so fucking ironic. i call time statuesque as i
watch it streak by. break neck speed (super sonic!),
rips the tears from each eye. before my neck snaps or
bones start to crumble, i'll give it a chance, now i've
learned to be humble. my symptoms are chronic, but my
heart, it was weak, but by virtual presence it is back on
its feet. i taught it the rythym, but you made up a tune.
so for you, mother fucker, i would fly to moon. i'd swim
across oceans, tranverse all terrain; but the worst of it
is that i think you're the same. so why is this 'us' merely
embryonic? i'll be waiting, i'll wait, though my heart may
deplore it; for kisses from you that are not just platonic.
a kiss, one real kiss, that is not electronic.
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heavy, sweet, slightly putrid scent.
ripe fruit in the air. it may be what
we call mango but she doesn't care;
it is friends with the tongue.
it is soft on her teeth, her whitewash molars.
it is chalky sweet.
the grass under foot is so green
the flowers are so yellow
the sky is so blue.
who could ever ask for more?
she could. more and more and
more onto wanton destruction
of herself, others, the extinction
of several species of exotic bird,
the wastage of all our global
resources. you see our snakey
friend was merely the grain of
dust that made the camel need
that veterbrae replacement surgery.
she was not down with my friend jesus.
he says i am here when frankie says relax.
you understand? you follow?  
i followed the electricity man.
he was gay but i needed him anyway.
and all i knew is that he must not
burn. never in ever. it may have been
what you call love but i don't care;
he was my friend.
he liked to touch my teeth; my whitewash molars.
he was sweet.
i was prepared to
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i remember the day i accidentally pushed you
out of the second floor bedroom window.
it was my twin siblings' bedroom. they had bunks;
my brother leaned too far and took a tumble too.
everyone laughed at that though. it was only about
half a meter and he didn't fall into a thorn bush. i mean,
the carpeting was scratchy - like sitting on dried grass.
but still, inerasable like felt tip on pristine wallpaper,
is your form, leaning away from me and plummeting
toward the scary ground. indelible is the fear, the
bellowed thought, that i have killed my cousin. i wish
i could scrub away the nightmares of mangled limbs
and locked doors enscribed with skull and cross but
it seems that life is written with permanent ink. either
way, you were fine. a few scratches. later, you told me
i never pushed you at all. the window had no lock. the
sunken window with its handy curtain was a shower in our
house game. you had leant and it had opened. you had
fell. no need to feel guilty after all. but the scr
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Fingers on skin, wrongfully poised.
It's a playful drag along lacy tights
and a sieved giggle, a little shrinking
back. Maybe sticking things where
they aren't wanted. Shh, I never
told you that. But I digress. On her.
Who is she to complain? A pleasant sin;
Make sure you flash that grin when he sighs
serpentinely into your quivering cochlear.
And never forget to shake that money maker.
She thinks it's wrongly named. Perhaps trouble
bringer or sanity quaker would be a tad more
appropriate. You know, despite everything,
despite the roaring highs and acerbic lows
and the spot in the middle where that feeling
grows she can still cackle uproariously when
the correct mood takes her for a spin around
the lighter, brighter, for her side of town.  
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Mature content
my present state :icontom3s:TOM3S 1 0
i shall die in the library
i feel the warm spindly fingers of
your embrassment curling round
the filmy corners of this miasma
of idiocy. why can't you see you're
tiptoeing on concrete and not freaking
eggshells? to be honest i haven't
understood, i don't think i ever will.
with me, matey dearest, it's point
blank honesty; what you see is what
you get (i am the same both on the tin
and on the label) and i am not the kind
of person who will cry or gripe or set fire
to herself on your gravelled driveway so
i come to the conclusion that you are
playing a convuluted game of sorts -
perhaps poker. i don't get the rules,
but if you wanna play, we'll play. but,
hush hush; perhaps i am simply reading
too much into this. with the book list that
i have drawn up, i shall die in the library.  
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if i was bad old bonny you would be my clyde
if you love me
won't you tell me
by a message
through the phone,
you'd be the joker to my harlequinn, they won't take us alive
if you love me
won't you tell me
when we're out or
when we're home
you're the bam bam to my pebbles, i'm juliet to romeo
if you love me
won't you tell me
when we're here
together or alone
you're my daring hero tristan, i'm the dainty ol' isolde
if you love me
won't you let me
love you back?
a little?
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Seventeen Reasons I'm Glad
I wore/wear too bright tights (according to whom, dearie?) and too short skirts and too tight t-shirts beacuse they were the only things that made me feel right on the inside. Now I wear them because it is alright.
I feel bad when I drink things i shouldn't really be drinking. It's water, honest officer, I swear t'ya. Never seen this girl before in me life.
1 plus 8 makes nine. 3 is a magic number and 3 times 3 is 9 so its twice as magical. I can't wait to be 27.
I want to be responsible for myself. No oen else seems to care very much, so I might as well.
:icontom3s:TOM3S 2 10
the human race
i just assume im another factory produced media enriched tweeny bopper
which is to say you're average somewhat depressed run of the mill teen
we are six billion, the human race
I can't think that big
my head starts hurting when i think of all those men that died going over the
top at the battle of what's-it's-called
You know, in the second one with eveyone.
i digress.
im a dot,
a period amid a sea of letters and punctuation
another useless statistic
(hundred billionth crayon made by
Crayola was Periwinkle Blue -
a bigger number, have fear)
i an ant (not adam, more of an eve, steve)
We are just part of a great organism!
i just think of
:icontom3s:TOM3S 3 11
Friends with Benefits
Forgot me, I'm but a half arsed breeze,
I'm just another smear on the coffee table,
Just a little bit of mist on the inside of the car
window. Draw a heart in me and I'll be happy,
Or a smiley face if you're feeling really chummy.
Let your little finger linger on my eye; it kind of
Makes me feel warm inside. And let you hand
Drag all across my mouth; if I had my way I'd
Never let it out. And oh so slowly draw my
Rounded head and kinda let your hand meander.
As we're here, I'll ask you a question. Do you
Think that if I was a little different maybe things
Wouldn't have turned out this way, and that we
could of given it a go and gotten all the way to San
Francisco? I like to think so but then again,
Who can be certain? Not me, that's for sure.
Actually, who cares? Just shut up and kiss me.
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The Great Freedom by girltripped The Great Freedom :icongirltripped:girltripped 2,260 101
An Audience with Margaret Atwood


The Transcript of the event can be found here

One of Canada's best-known writers, Margaret Atwood is an internationally famous novelist, poet, and critic.

Throughout her writing career, Margaret Atwood has received numerous awards and honourary degrees. She is the author of more than thirty-five volumes of poetry, children's literature, fiction, and non-fiction and is perhaps best known for her novels, which include  The Edible Woman (1970),  The Handmaid's Tale (1983),  The Robber Bride (1994),  Alias Grace (1996), and The Blind Assassin, which won the prestigious Booker Prize in 2000.
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Top Hat Tutorial 1 by Idzit Top Hat Tutorial 1 :iconidzit:Idzit 1,711 207 Phosphene 10 by bjornik Phosphene 10 :iconbjornik:bjornik 246 28 reflections by SavannahGrey reflections :iconsavannahgrey:SavannahGrey 8 8 Leather Kisses by megan66 Leather Kisses :iconmegan66:megan66 85 36 Kinky by SeReBe Kinky :iconserebe:SeReBe 1 0 Rabbit angel costume by SeReBe Rabbit angel costume :iconserebe:SeReBe 6 3 Paste'up by SeReBe Paste'up :iconserebe:SeReBe 3 0 Intruder by SeReBe Intruder :iconserebe:SeReBe 1 0 Paste'up 1 by SeReBe Paste'up 1 :iconserebe:SeReBe 4 2
it was all bones that day--
stripped down to nothing but calcium and marrow,
we couldn't even drink lemonade
without it burning out our intimacy.
we are so different,
you with your sky-eyes and
me with my earth-eyes,
you with your seabourne heart
and me with only my bones.
like how what i hate the most
is that i pushed you out of
my entire imagination
that day,
no room for the weary
in rot-eaten boats
where nobody sings.
[i still write you letters--]
:iconrendermerainbow:RenderMeRainbow 3 7
skitters as if on snow
skitters as if on snow.
she can sometimes sense
her muscles tense,
and then, her bones, disjointed, realign.
she reaches up
and tries to touch,
but just can't find the strength to feel the sun.
frostbitten lips
under fingertips;
she can't distinguish these from fragile face.
sympathy, antipathy,
empathy and apathy:
what is this strange disease beneath her skin?
:iconeinnobztron:einnobztron 9 21
Dont Bother Me, Dont Bother Me by capitannathan Dont Bother Me, Dont Bother Me :iconcapitannathan:capitannathan 48 13 Lady Gaga by Mr-Prince-007 Lady Gaga :iconmr-prince-007:Mr-Prince-007 324 211
now you know better
you were never one for shakespeare's iambic pentameter,
so you nixed the meter and measure the gods composed
and wrote your own sonnet in time with the beat of your heart
and the shiver of your tapered spine.
instead of crisp and company issued egg shell paper,
you dragged the pen you bought yourself back in sixth grade
across the smooth canvas of tanned skin, littered with sunset bruises
and did not mind the clashing of colours.
you always wondered if it were true what the newsstands said,
that art flutters to life when misery takes shape
but you never really believed such nonsense,
until your spine shattered, your inkwell ran dry,
and tanned skin was just a distant memory you associated with the sun.
now you know better.
:iconhipsterfag:Hipsterfag 49 43



United Kingdom
I hate writing these things. I look back on them after a month of being away and dislike everything I've written.

In any case, I'm currently enjoying my last few years of 'freedom' as a philosophy undergrad and seeing where I end up.



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